Midor IT Green Environment
Environmentally friendly business practices, such as conservation of water and energy, are commonly referred to as green business practices. Green practices typically play a large role in sustainability initiatives and companies that employ them are often said to be “going green “.

Sustainability refers to the ability of a company or organization to meet the needs of the present without exhausting natural resources or damaging the environment thus compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Midor IT department is now following the go-green concept to keep up with the worldwide standards for an environmental friendly company and thus has implemented the following actions:

  1. Using soft copies of the documents through e-mails and file sharing capabilities to reduce paper usage.
  2. Recycle electronic waste materials such as Computers, Spare parts, toners, etc.,..
  3. Reduce energy consumption by:
    1. Purchasing servers with low energy consumption.
    2. Virtualizing the environment, which decreases the number of physical servers, used, thus reducing heat and pollution.
    3. Purchasing Printers with auto on / auto off feature which reduces energy consumption.
    4. The newly purchased “ All in One “ PCs which decreases the number of power outlets , thus saving power consumption.
  4. Reduce the need for transportation which leads to energy waste and pollution by applying Microsoft Lync application between the refinery & Cairo premises.
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