• Middle East Oil Refinery “MIDOR", the leading refining company in the MENA region, has implemented all the environmental requirements and regulations according to the law (4) for the year 1994 and its amendments (9) for the year 2009.

  • MIDOR is working on an Environmental Monitoring project of gaseous emissions and dust to maintain internal and external environment surrounding the site through installation of monitoring devices for gaseous pollutants (NO-so-CO2-CO) in coordination with the Environmental Affairs agency, "Emerson Global" will implement this project through two phases:

Phase 1:

Installation of devices on the chimneys of boilers and furnaces in the laboratory.

Phase 2:

Mechanical and Civil works of the project to equip the installation of these devices on the chimneys, which contains approximately (12) chimneys 3 of them are stacks on boilers and the rest are stacks on ovens at a cost of about $2 million.

  • MIDOR has evaluated the environmental impact of the new expansions through cooperation with the Environmental Affairs Agency and the Egyptian General Authority for Petroleum and has obtained environmental approval for these expansions, which increase the refining capacity of the plant from 115,000 barrels to 175,000 barrels per day.

  • MIDOR has obtained all licenses for industrial Exchange from the concerned authorities.

  • MIDOR signed a contract with the health vault in Alexandria to dispose of hazardous waste.

Finally, MIDOR will maintain the surrounding environment according to a sustainable development plan socially, culturally and economically and meet all environmental requirements and laws while maintaining the basic elements of the Environmental Affairs system (air, water and soil).

Midor IT Green Environment
• Environmentally friendly business practices, such as conservation of water and energy, are commonly referred to as green business practices. Green practices typically play a large role in sustainability initiatives and companies that employ them are often said to be “going green “.
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