MIDOR faces many challenges regarding the environmental work requiring the implementation of non-traditional methods of environmental protection through the introduction of the environmental vision in MIDOR's policies, plans and projects to achieve:

A– Control and reduction of various sources of pollution to maintain public health.

B- Protection and management of natural resources in the context of sustainable development
Air Quality
• MIDOR, in cooperation with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), is implementing an environmental monitoring project that links the company's flares to the "National Grid for Monitoring Industrial Emissions" to assure their compliance with the maximum emission limits set by law.

• The air quality is monitored and analyzed inside and outside the premises of MIDOR's refinery by the refinery's labs and the Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research at Alexandria University, being authorized by (EEAA) to monitor environmental pollutants.
Waste Water Quality
• Random samples are taken and analyzed monthly by (EEAA) and the Ministry of Health labs in Alexandria.

• MIDOR performs daily sample measurements of waste water for analysis to confirm the performance of the CPU and ensure the conformity of the waste water to the permissible rates stipulated by the Egyptian laws of Environment.
Handling of Hazardous Waste
• MIDOR has developed an integrated plan for the management and disposal of hazardous wastes in compliance with the environmental laws and regulations with the purpose of reducing the hazard of such wastes and preventing and minimizing their generation.
Continuous Improvement of the Environmental Performance
• MIDOR applies the international standard ISO 14001/2004 in all refinery operations and activities.
Midor IT Green Environment
• Environmentally friendly business practices, such as conservation of water and energy, are commonly referred to as green business practices. Green practices typically play a large role in sustainability initiatives and companies that employ them are often said to be “going green “.
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