Retrieving Industrial Wastewater Project
The inauguration of the 1st phase of retrieving industrial wastewater project will save a huge amount of the water consumption.

• MIDOR is performing a study to retrieve industrial water-waste and re-use it in the refinery so that MIDOR becomes the first refinery that applies the most advanced techniques in retrieving WATER-WASTE.

• The project will also reduce environmental pollution, as it could be utilized in green land irrigation and the related production operations.

•MIDOR already started to partially re-use the water discharge in spray system at Coke handling facilities and in irrigation system.The second phase is planned to include a new treatment unit to allow utilizing water in steam production.Project's prospective
1-The aim is to reutilize waste water effluent stream and recycle most of it.
2-Reduce the Raw Water quantities required for the future refinery expansion.
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