Expansion Project

ABOUT THE PROJECT لللغة العربية اضغط الرابط التالي  

MIDOR is currently undergoing an Expansion Project whose scope is:

-          Increase its refinery capacity from 100,000 barrel /day to 160,000 barrel /day

-          Upgrade the fuel quality to meet the required future higher quality product specifications:

  • Gasoline to meet Euro 5 quality specifications
  • Diesel to meet Euro 5 quality specification

-          Maximize middle distillates yields especially for diesel

-          Zero Fuel Oil production

-          Maximize the utilization of the existing facilities

-          Enhance MIDOR environmental performance efficiency by minimizing solid wastes quantity, improving the quality of the waste water, reducing the rate of air pollutants emissions.

-          Boost the company role in improving the neighborhood and serving the society

-          Increase the company exportsThe Construction Phase started in October 2019 and will end in August 2022.


MIDOR is committed to work according to the highest standards and good engineering practices.

Indeed, the Project is carried on according to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Standards that ensure an advanced performance in environmental, health, safety and social topics.

An Impact Analysis was carried out and approved to evaluate impacts and ensure the sustainability of the Project both during the Construction Phase and during the Operation Phase after the expansion, considering the Environmental and Social components.

Such analysis confirmed the overall sustainability of the Project.

To ensure the proper execution of the Initiative MIDOR has, also, been adopting and implementing a specific Management System for the Project Construction activities aimed at addressing any possible issue in environmental, health, safety and social matters.

Moreover, construction activities have been entrusted to a worldwide known Contractor with excellent performances as Technip.

The same refinery will be operated by MIDOR after the completion of the construction works:

-              according to a dedicated Environmental, Social, Health and Safety Management System;

-              implementing advanced technologies according to Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Petroleum Refining as issued by International Finance Corporation, therefore minimizing the use of natural resources and the emissions associated to the Refinery operation;

-              setting the highest preventive measures for ensuring health and safety for  the workers and for the nearby Community ;

-              involving and engaging the Local Community that will have the possibility to directly contact MIDOR and submit grievances or queries.

The effectiveness of the above-mentioned measures will be verified during the Project life by a MIDOR’s monitoring program including also dedicated environmental campaigns.

Our code of conduct
Code of conduct

HSES Policy


In MIDOR we strongly believe in the centrality of site workers and of the community that surrounds us and we are very committed to providing the highest levels of engagement and care to our stakeholders.

For this reason, we created a Stakeholder Engagement Plan that sets the following initiatives and criteria for Stakeholder Engagements and the MIDOR contact references.

For enhancing the relationship with the community that surrounds us, we have set a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) made up of some community representatives and MIDOR personnel that will meet monthly to discuss about any issue involving the local community.

MIDOR is also planning a public consultation that will give to the citizens the opportunity to understand better the opportunities that the Expansion Project will offer and how MIDOR aims to engage with the community.

Moreover, MIDOR, with the support of the CAP, will implement some social initiatives for supporting the development of the surrounding area.

Stakeholders can get in contact with MIDOR through dedicated E-mail (grievances.suggestions@midor.com.eg) through which they can make complaints or queries and ask for information. Grievances shall be deposited according to the Grievance Mechanism as explained in the dedicated section.


The person appointed to coordinate the relationship between MIDOR and the local community or other stakeholders is the Stakeholder Liaison Officer (SLO) that can be contacted as follows:

SLO email: Lydia.loka@midor.com.eg      

Grievances e-mail: grievances.suggestions@midor.com.eg


The Grievance Mechanism is a formal system to collect record and resolve grievances, complaints, concerns or questions from the stakeholders.

Anyone will be eligible to submit a grievance if believes that Project activities are having an adverse impact on the community, the environment, or the life/work quality.

Grievances can be deposited in one of the Grievance boxes, as per convenience, in the refinery and at the refinery gates, or by emailing the Stakeholder Liaison Officer (SLO, see the Contact Section). The location of Grievance boxes can be found OUTSIDE of Midor refinery's fence @ GATE -1     GATE -2          GATE 6A

Near the grievance boxes and at this link Grievance Form

you can find the standard Grievance form to fill with your information and request and to deposit in the boxes or by email.

Once deposited, the Grievance will be registered and reviewed by the SLO that will ensure if it is valid and consistent. If so, the SLO will send to the Complainer a grievance receipt within 6 working days from the date it was submitted. Such receipt confirms that the Grievance has been accepted and reviewed and provides the timeframe in which a response can be expected.

If the Grievance is not consistent, the SLO will send to the Complainer a notification about the rejection of the Grievance with the reasons that motivated such decision.

In both cases the Grievances will be registered by MIDOR.

Within 30 days from the reception of the Grievance, the Complainer will receive a response with a proposal of corrective actions to be implemented by MIDOR to solve the Grievance. The Complainer can contact the SLO to discuss and confirm the corrective actions. Such actions will be put in practice until the Grievance is solved.

Once the proposed activities are executed, the Complainer will receive a close-out report with a summary of the issue, corrective actions and resolution.

Grievances can be anonymous and they will be equally processed. However, in such case it will not be possible to provide a response, neither to have a discussion with the Complainer.

The grievance mechanism first aims to respond to the complaints of stakeholders in a timely and transparent manner and to avoid involvement in costlier or time-consuming processes. However, it still recognizes the rights of the Complainer to seek help externally from a formal dispute body or legal/administrative system in the case of difficult or unresolved grievances.


The Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey is a brief questionnaire that aims to understand the opinion of the local community, site workers and other interested parties toward MIDOR activities, initiatives, communication, care.

All feedbacks will be confidential and only used internally to help us improve.

You can find the Satisfaction Survey here Satisfaction Survey

Please fill it and send it to the SLO (grievances.suggestions@midor.com.eg).


In order to ensure clear and consistent communication with the neighboring areas and affected Community, MIDOR has established a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) composed by three members of the local community and two representatives of MIDOR Company, which will be the SLO and the Refinery Manager. A representative of the construction company appointed by MIDOR will also attend. The CAP will meet monthly, or more frequently according to the community necessity, to discuss about the on-going Expansion Project, the impacts on the surrounding area and the issues that affect the local community.


The three members of the local community are the followings:

Haj Atwa deif Mahgob . TEL.0122332103

Haj Atalla Mohamed Khalil Abo hawa TEL.01227473641

Haj Salem abo Hassan TEL.01272636400


Such members will be a reference point for the community, and they will ensure that any issue involving the citizens and especially the most vulnerable groups is raised during the CAP meetings and taken into account by MIDOR.



MIDOR will organize a public consultation meeting for the community living in the surroundings of the refinery.

During such event MIDOR will present the Expansion Project and its progress, the stakeholder engagement initiatives and the Community Projects that it will sponsor.

It will be an occasion for the community to express its opinion and to raise any issues that affects the citizens and in particular vulnerable groups.

The first Public Consultation had been foreseen during the first half of April, but it has been cancelled because of COVID-19 prevention measures decided by the Egypt Government.  The new date and place of meeting will be advertised on this web page in the following weeks.




MIDOR actively supports and enhances sustainable development and quality of life of local community through sponsorships and other support initiatives to be carried out on the adjacent area to MIDOR Refinery.


A dedicated committee is taking care of such projects, that will be outlined on this website and presented during the first public consultation.

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