Boosting the Refining Capacity by 60%
  • The future expansions plan to revamp the refinery capacity by 60% above the 100,000 bbls/d designed capacity and the 15% increase of the of the 1st phase of expansions, which is already achieved, will boost refinery middle distillate production, especially Diesel, through maximum utilization of the existing process units and the refinery potentials, coping with the future international specifications Euro 5, and obtaining high quality products, in addition to meeting the domestic market needs.
  • The expansion total investment cost value is 2.3 billion US dollars and the effective date to start EPC phase by Dec.2018.
  • MIDOR refinery completed the bankable Detailed Feasibility Study by UOP and an updated market study by Wood Mackenzie.
  • Project basic engineering completed by UOP during Q4 Y.2016.
  • EPC contract was signed between MIDOR & TechnipFMC on 14 Oct.
  • The projected annual product quantities would rise to about 280 thousand tons of LPG with 107% increase, 1.6 million tons of high-octane gasoline, 2.2 million tons of high quality jet fuel with 145% increase and 2.8 million tons of diesel with 45% increase. (to be updated reference the previous email).
  • Preliminary studies showed a high economic feasibility of the expansions, which transfers MIDOR refinery from 3rd to 4th generation, technologically.

ProductExpected Quantity % Increase
LPG280,000 mtons107%
High Octane Gasoline1,586,000 mtons60  %
Jet Fuel  2,213,000 mtons145%
Diesel 2,792,000 mtons 45 %
Total Jet & diesel5,005,000 mtons75%
COKE 576,000 mtons65%
SULPHUR140,000 mtons86%

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