Human Resources
MIDOR strategy is based on developing human resources to improve the productive efficiency by following the most recent administrative systems that are based on connecting experience with modernization by endorsing the employees` skills and experience in addition to developing their personal abilities technically and academically as well as establishing the value of team work spirit.
Training & Development
MIDOR believes that developing the personal skills of the employees is the most important factor to maintain its superiority, production enhancement and growth. Thus, MIDOR applies specialized training courses that aim to improve the employees` administrational and technical skills. Consequently, the company has implemented courses in all production fields under the supervision of Human Resources Department.
Key Persons
Mr./ Mohamed Ahmed Abd El Ghaffar , Expert Managing director and supervisor of administrative affairs

Acc./Rasha Abd El Fattah Ramdan , Deputy Chairman for Financial Affairs

Mr./ Yasser Ahmed Fouad , Assistant Chairman for Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning

Acc./Iman Abd El Aziz Shalby , Assistant Chairman for Internal Auditing

Acc./Iman Hussien Kandil , Assistant Chairman for Research and Marketing studies

Mr./ Khaled khairat Abd El Ghaffar , Assistant Chairman for Administrative Affairs

Dr. Acc./ Mohamed Ahmed Atef , Assistant Chairman for Board of Directors and Shareholders Affairs

Mrs./ Aml Fouad Abd El Samiaa , Assistant Chairman for Foreign Trade

Acc./ Abeer Hassan Hassan Mohamed , Assistant Chairman for wages

Eng./Hossam Asaad hassenin , Assistant Chairman for Operations

Mr./ Badawy Abd El Fattah Abdo , Assistant Chairman for Legal Affairs

Mr./ Ali Mohamed Moawad , General Manager for Contracts and Purchasing

Eng./ Haitham Adel Abd El Fattah , General Manager for Production Planning

Mr./ Sherief Ibrahim Boseila , General Manager For Internal Trade

Mrs./ Nevert Farid Abd el Aziz , General Manager for the International Relations and Media.

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