MIDOR Board Members
Chem./ Gamal Mahmoud Mohamed ElKareish
Chairman & CEO

Eng./ Karem Hanafy Mahmoud Mohamed
Executive Manager for Egypt Gas Market Regulatory Authority

Eng./ Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hathoot
Deputy of Chief Executive for Planning & Projects (EGPC)

Mr./ Ibrahim Yehya Ibrahim Kattab
Head of Central Administration of Communications (Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources)

Acc./ Khaled Mohamed Othman Abdel Rheem
Deputy of Chief Executive for Internal Trade (EGPC)

Dr./ Hisham Lotfy Mohamed Sayed
Under Secretary for Legal Affairs (Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources)

Eng./ Ayman Mahmoud Nagib Aly Nagib
Deputy Of Chief Executive for Transportation & Distribution (EGPC)

Chem./ Ashraf Anwar Mohamed Salem El Shamy
Deputy Of Chief Executive for Refining & Processing (EGPC)

Chem./ Azza Abdel Atty Mahmoud Sery
Deputy of Chief Executive Assistant of Operation for Operations Programing (EGPC)

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